Digital Multimeter [Ultimate Solution For Maintenance]


Now Modern-day Electricians Can’t Do Much Without The Right Kind Of Tools, Can They?

Technicians have to be very careful when buying specific tools such as Digital Multimeter. There are various kinds of fluke meter that you can get, but you always want to get the best so you can gain the best results in the end.

This kind of purpose Fluke Bangladesh is always on the top. Fluke Bangladesh offers an excellent selection of quality Fluke products by providing reliable service and competitive prices for Bangladeshi potential customers.

With years of selling high-quality instruments, we know the importance of service, support, customer experience and inventory.

Not only you want to buy Fluke from the best companies but also you want to get the right tools. Fluke Bangladesh ensures that kind of fact.  Fluke Bangladesh is the best Distributor to go to when trying to buy a digital multimeter.

fluke bangladesh

Fluke Bangladesh is the leading supplier of this type of technologies. Measure with great accuracy by Fluke multimeter! This meter is an electronic measuring instrument.

You can either have the device hand-held or as a bench instrument. Of course, surely there are various uses for Fluke multimeters. Like as Voltage, resistance, and current are the general measurements.

When you use multimeters you can get extremely high degrees of accuracy. Fluke multimeters are great for basic fault finding and field service works.

Whether it’s industrial or household devices Fluke multimeters are also used for troubleshooting electrical problems.

Do You Know Why Fluke Multimeters Are So Special?

There’s a wide layout of different features that Fluke multimeters have for an electricians’ toolbox. One feature would be it’s easy to read display.

Fluke multimeter’s face has intuitive elements that help the display is very straightforward for you to use. This kind of meter always gives you the perfect result that you should be looking for.

Let’s not forget about Fluke connectors that are needed to measure with. Common, voltage, frequency, ohms, amperage, and high amperage are the typical four connectors that you would use with Fluke multimeters.

As stated before, these are just the general connectors used on Fluke multimeters. There are others that have specialty connectors.

All those features are very handy for workspace. This meter is done your job faster and safer.  If you are the type to strive for the best then get the bests with Fluke’s digital multimeters soon! Get the best!

fluke 87V in bd

Fluke Distributor

Fluke Bangladesh is the leading distributor in Bangladesh of Digital Multimeter.

It undertakes a wide range of multimeters to accomplish all your tasks. Their multimeters are devised to assist you to do your job at a faster rate, more productively and with higher precision.

Fluke Bangladesh has a unit for all budgets and tasks. You can select from handheld troubleshooters to the exceptional multi-meters loaded with ace quality from the fluke.

General Overview Of Digital Multimeter

Devised for the elemental electrical tests, Fluke Meter it projects calculable measurements for residential and commercial electrical purposes.

It also offers accurate results for the heating and air-conditioning technicians. It is compact, light in weight and fits easily in your hand.

It is sturdy enough to defy periodic usage over the years. This type of meter is the most rational and resilient option for you.

Your scope is always awesome; because of fluke brand have a wide range of test and measurement tools.

Fluke multimeter bd

Key Features Of Digital Multimeters

It comes with basic Direct current (DC) accuracy of 0.5%. It is CAT III security rated at 600 volts. It comprises a diode and continuity test along with a buzzer. Very Easy to carry and handle because it is compact and light in weight.

It is sturdy and resilient in design and functionality. It comes with automatic shutdown function. No doubt the battery is easy to use and substitute. It is designed by the expert and very experienced engineers at Fluke.

It is manufactured at the Fluke head office in Everett, Washington. It is strategically used by the technicians working on mongrel vehicles.

It is usually used for routine work that requires high-voltage and high current setup is absent in customary vehicles. It comes with batteries and a user manual.


It comes with uncomplicated advantages and large LCD display along with the other quick process. It has emerged as an exclusive utility in today’s generation.

It encompasses Min/Max and Average recording to calculate variations automatically, accurately and safely.

It is extremely inexpensive and available effortlessly through a wide network of Fluke Bangladesh stock.

Digital multimeter


Trust, value, Brand! That is “Fluke Bangladesh” for you.

Stay safe and secure by collecting your best fluke product from fluke Bangladesh, your trusted Fluke agent in Bangladesh.

For more information on Fluke products and services, please feel free to contact or call us at 01711-451071.


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