Fluke Authorized Distributor In Bangladesh

Fluke Distributor

Fluke brand has always a reputation for portability, ruggedness, safety, ease of use and rigid standards of quality.

Technicians, Electricians, plant engineers and power quality consultants involved in the maintenance, service, and design. In their work process, they are always looking for trusted test tools.

Fluke Bangladesh the reliable Fluke distributor has done the tricks for them. Fluke is a world-class brand for maintenance.

Their value is always spot on. For this reason, they are always want to use Fluke professional test tools.

fluke agent in bd

Fluke products such as digital multimeters (DMMs), electrical testers, clamp meters, single and three-phase power quality meters, ScopeMeter test tools, current clamps, thermal imagers, digital thermometers, and DMM accessories are designed for day-to-day field troubleshooting and maintenance of electrical systems, electrical power systems, and associated equipment.

Fluke products help electrical technicians analyze, troubleshoot, and repair these systems for optimum performance.

When do you want to find out fluke distributor in Bangladesh?

Fluke Bangladesh has mostly trusted. We are supply perfect Fluke tools for your industrial electronic installation, maintenance, and service, to precision measurement and quality control.

These types of world-class tools help keep your business and industry up and running very smartly.

Fluke Bangladesh has a wide range of fluke equipment. Fluke is the best brand for maintenance of your industrial electrical side. Their value and result are always spot on.


Since its founding, Fluke Bangladesh the reliable fluke distributor is always top of the line.

Fluke Distributor

You can find out any kind of fluke products from fluke Bangladesh.

We have all kind of fluke products in our stock. As clamp meter, digital multimeter, power quality analyzer, vibration meter, insulation tester, thermal imagers, calibration process tools, battery analyzer, earth ground tester, electrical tester, etc.

With years of selling quality instruments, we know the importance of service, support, customer experience, inventory and best prices.

In your workspace surely you are always looking for the best products for your problem solution. Fluke Bangladesh the trusted fluke agent in Bangladesh did the job for you.

Our Mission

Fluke Bangladesh’s mission is to provide quality products at a reasonable price. We always try to give our best for the customer.

Our customers are the most valuable priority for us, for this reason, we always supply the best fluke products that you always looking for.

Our goals are growth with a good reputation and handle our customer in a great way.

Fluke dealer in bd


As a fluke agent, we always try to do our best work for our valuable customer in any situation. We also provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.

We develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all the time.

Apply the highest standards of excellence to the purchasing and fresh delivery of our product. We surely recognize that profitability is essential to our future success.


We are mostly committed to the highest quality standards for the products that are enjoyed by our customers and for the service we provide our customers.

We don’t compromise our standards and we don’t take shortcuts.

Trust and Integrity

Integrity is the foundation of all enduring relationships and every successful business.we will always do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

We operate ethically, in the spirit of fairness and by assuming the sincere motivations of others.

We always tell the truth, so together we can solve problems and achieve our collective goals amazing way.


We support open, honest, continuous and transparent communications.

We strive to be responsive and accountable. We know that good communication is always good for any situation.

Fluke-bd-agentFor this reason, we always try to do this very professionally.


The only way we can get better and better day by day that is teamwork.

Most importantly Fluke Bangladesh has this teamwork, and this teamwork operates very smartly by iconic engineering limited.

Fluke Bangladesh always tries to giving rather than taking credit and taking calculated risks in order to get results.


We always respect and trust our associates and colleagues. We work together to reach our full potential and to ensure that each associate has a productive, rewarding and fulfilling career.

Customers, who rely on our partnership and excellent service.
Communities, which we serve with a great sense of civic responsibility and goodwill.

With mutual respect, we welcome healthy discussion and disagreement.

We assume colleague competence and good intentions, which allows us to accept each other and work effectively together.


By caring about what we do, we generate enthusiasm for our work and our goals; ultimately driving our culture of cohesiveness and productivity.

We will always strive for excellence. We will always work to exceed expectations. By any kind of measurement, we intend to be the undisputed leader; second place is unacceptable.

Fluke Bangladesh

Now surely you have no doubt about our wonderful nature of passion.

All those fantastic things you always find from fluke Bangladesh the top authorize fluke distributor. If you read those things that are talking about fluke Bangladesh.

Surely your trust gets higher than before. Stay safe and secure by collecting your best fluke product from fluke Bangladesh, your trusted Fluke agent in Bangladesh.

For more information on Fluke products and services, please contact sales@fluke.com.bd or call us at 01711-451071


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