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HVAC clamp meter

A few rudiments

Goals, digits and checks

Goals alludes to how fine an estimation a meter can make. By knowing the goals of a meter, you can decide whether it’s conceivable to see a little change in the deliberate flag.

For instance, if the clasp meter has a goals of 0.1 amp on a 600 amp extend, it’s conceivable to see a difference in 0.1 amp while perusing 100 amps.

You wouldn’t purchase a ruler set apart in one-inch portions in the event that you needed to quantify down to ¼ inch. Thus, you should pick a meter that can show the goals you have to find in your estimations.


Exactness is the biggest suitable blunder that will happen under particular working conditions. At the end of the day, it means that how shut the meter’s shown estimation is to the real estimation of the flag being estimated.

Exactness for a clip meter is normally communicated as a percent of perusing.

A precision of 1% of perusing implies that for a shown perusing of 100 amps, the genuine estimation of the current could be anyplace somewhere in the range of 99.0 and 101.0 amps.

Particulars may likewise incorporate a scope of digits added to the fundamental precision determination.

This shows what number of checks the digit to the extraordinary right of the showcase may differ.

So the former precision precedent may be expressed as ±(2% + 2). In this way, for a shown perusing of 100.0 amps, the genuine current could then be gauge to be somewhere in the range of 97.8 and 102.2 amps.