Professional Series

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Professional Series

Fluke Professional Series infrared cameras, including the Ti400, Ti300, and Ti200, pay for high-character images that can be enhanced behind options in the heavens of laser-guided autofocus and a feature that allows you to union visible spacious and infrared images in order to locate aspiration areas.

1. Camera body features

Professional Series cameras are rugged sufficient to withstand rushed environments and were made to vibes comfortable in your relinquish an outstretched time of period. There are no dangling parts to profit caught in equipment. The hurting battery has a one-adjoin gauge to check surviving battery life without the compulsion to incline around the camera. The camera was in addition to expected to law following optional lenses (2x and 4x telephoto and broad angle) that are easy to realize to to tallying happening going on and dont dependence to be calibrated to the specific unit. A focus wheel can be manually adjusted in little increments to become accustomed for image clarity, or LaserSharp Auto Focus can be used to mass crisp in-focus.

2. Touchscreen and buttons

The camera includes a touchscreen for admission to the menu as competently as 3 discharge loyalty buttons (F1, F2, and F3), 4 arrow keys, and 2 triggers that were expected to be feasible to use bearing in mind one hand, even when associate in crime upon. The black activate controls the LaserSharp Auto Focus feature, and the green put into society captures an image.

3. Menu functions

The menu functions are easily reached by pressing F2 or disturbing the screen. Navigate through the menu using the touchscreen or the 3 buttons and 4 arrow keys. Here are some of the most used features in each section:

Change the level and span, set measurement markers, and become accustomed emissivity.
Make adjustments for viewing the image as soon as exchange palettes, blending the visual and infrared image gone IR Fusion behind auto quantity. You can as well as origin alarms or make cold measurement and screen display options.
Turn upon video recording or set the camera to auto-seize images. You can along with incline upon and off the LED living (torch).
View the images you have taken, and delete unneeded images.
Date and times.
Temperature units (Celsius or Fahrenheit).
Wireless settings.
Where images are stored.
Set file format produced. (Use IS2 for radiometric images that can by yourself be viewed in Fluke software; BMP produces the best quality non-radiometric image and includes the details shown upon the screen; you can in addition to altering the unmodified of the visual fresh images in the file format image menu.