Fluke 1630-2 FC Earth Ground Clamp

Fluke 1630-2 FC Earth Ground Clamp meter provides quick, easy, and safe leakage current and ground loop resistance measurements.

The instrument simplifies earth ground loop testing, with automatic self-calibration, continuity testing with audible alarm, and display hold.



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Fluke 1630 earth/ground clamp meter provides quick, easy, and safe leakage current and ground loop resistance measurements.

The instrument simplifies earth ground loop testing, with automatic self-calibration, continuity testing with audible alarm, and display hold. The rugged compact design is good for use in harsh environments and tight spaces.

The clamp-on ground testing technique used by the Fluke 1630 simplifies ground loop testing and enables non-intrusive leakage current measurement.

The compact and rugged design makes it easy to use in small places and harsh environments, while the ‘display hold’ and the continuity testing with an audible alarm function ensures convenience in use.

Fluke 1630 Earth Ground Clamp is placed around the earth ground rod or the connecting cable.

A known voltage is induced by one half of the clamp and the current is measured by the other half. The tester automatically determines the ground loop resistance at this grounding connection.

Easily carry your Fluke 1630 and other tools to the job with the Fluke C550 Tool Bag. The tool bag is made with the rugged ballistic cloth with internal metal frame and a steel reinforced frame.


Stakeless Testing

The Fluke 1623-2 earth ground tester is able to measure earth ground loop resistances using only clamps.

With this test method, two clamps are placed around the earth ground rod and each are connected to the tester. No earth ground stakes are used at all.

A known, fixed voltage is induced by one clamp and the current is measured using the second clamp. Then the tester automatically determines the resistance of the earth ground rod.

This test method only works if a bonded earth ground system exists for the building or structure under test, but most are.

If there is only one path to ground, like at many residential applications, the Stakeless method will not provide an acceptable value and the Fall-of-Potential test method must be used.

With Stakeless testing, the earth ground rod does not need to be disconnected – leaving the bonded earth ground system intact during the test.

Gone are the days of spending time placing and connecting stakes for each earth ground rod on your system – a major time saver.

You can also perform earth ground tests in places you’ve not considered before: inside buildings, power pylons, or anywhere you don’t have access to soil.

The Most Complete Tester

The Fluke 1623-2 is a unique earth ground tester that can perform all four types of earth ground measurement.

  • 3- and 4-Pole Fall-of-Potential (using stakes)
  • 4-Pole Soil Resistivity Testing (using stakes)
  • Selective Testing (using 1 clamp and stakes)
  • Stakeless Testing (using 2 clamps only)


Electrical Specifications
Maximum voltage to earth ground 1000 V
Battery type AA alkaline IEC/EN LR6 (x4)
Battery life More than 15 hours*
* In Ground Resistance measurement mode, with backlight turned off, and RF mode turned off
Frequency range 40 Hz to 1 kHz
Ingress protection IEC/EN 60529: IP30 with jaw closed
LCD Digital reading 9999 counts
Refresh rate 4 per second
Operating temperature -10 °C to + 50 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C to + 60 °C
Operating humidity Non condensing (<10 °C) (< 50 °F)
≤90% RH (at 10 °C to 30 °C [50 °F to 86 °F])
≤75% RH (at 30 °C to 40 °C [86 °F to 104 °F])
≤45% RH (at 40 °C to 50 °C [104 °F to 122 °F])
(Non condensing)
Operating altitude 2000 m (6561 feet)
Storage altitude 12 000 m (39,370 feet)
Reference temperature 23 °C ±5 °C (73 °F ±9 °F)
Temperature coefficient 0.15% x (specified accuracy)/ °C (<18 °C or >28 °C [<64.4 °F or >82.4 °F])
Overload indication OL
Data logging capacity Minimum of 32,760 measurements
Data logging interval 1 second to 59 minutes and 59 seconds
Display reading specification with standard loop resistance
Input (Ω) Minimum Maximum
0.474 0.417 0.531
0.5 0.443 0.558
10 9.55 10.45
100 96 104
General IEC/EN 61010-1: Pollution Degree 2 IEC/EN 61557-1
Measurement IEC/EN 61010-2-032: CAT IV 600 V / CAT III 1000 V
Current clamp for leakage current measurements IEC/EN 61557-13: Class 2, ≤30 A/m
Resistance to earth IEC/EN 61557-5
Effectiveness of thepProtective measures IEC/EN 61557-16
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) International IEC/EN 61326-1: Portable Electromagnetic Environment
CISPR 11: Group 1, Class B, IEC/EN 61326-2-2
Korea (KCC) Class A equipment (Industrial Broadcast & Communications Equipment)
USA (FCC) 47 CFR 15 subpart B. This product is considered an exempt device per clause 15.103
Wireless Radio
Frequency range 2412 MHz to 2462 MHz
Output power <10 mW
Radio frequency certification FCC ID:T68-FBLE IC:6627A-FBLE
General Specifications
Conductor size 40 mm (1.57 in) approximately
Dimensions (L x W x H) 283 x 105 x 48 mm (11.1 x 4.1 x 1.9 in)
Weight 880g (31 oz)
Warranty One year
Earth Ground Loop Resistance
Range Accuracy1  ± (% of reading + Ω)
0.025 Ω to 0.249 Ω 1.5% + 0.02 Ω
0.250 Ω to 0.999 Ω 1.5% + 0.05 Ω
1.000 Ω to 9.999 Ω 1.5% + 0.10 Ω
10.00 Ω to 49.99 Ω 1.5% + 0.30 Ω
50.00 Ω to 99.99 Ω 1.5% + 0.50 Ω
100.0 Ω to 199.9 Ω 3.0% + 1.0 Ω
200.0 Ω to 399.9 Ω 5.0% + 5.0 Ω
400 Ω to 599 Ω 10.0% + 10 Ω
600 Ω to 1500 Ω 20.00%
1  Loop resistance with no inductance, conductor centered and perpendicular to jaw
Earth ground leakage current mA
Autorange 50/60 Hz, True rms, crest factor CF ≤3
Range Resolution Accuracy1  ± (% of reading + mA)
0.200 mA to 3.999 mA 1 μA 2.0% + 0.05 mA
4.00 mA to 39.99 mA 10 μA 2.0% + 0.03 mA
40.0 mA to 399.9 mA 100 μA 2.0% + 0.3 mA
0.400 A to 3.999 A 1 mA 2.0% + 3 mA
4.00 A to 39.99 A 10 mA 2.0% + 30 mA
1 Applies to signal frequency

  • 40 Hz to 1 kHz with filter set to OFF
  • 40 Hz to 70 Hz with filter se to ON


  • Earth Ground clamp
  • Hard case
  • Loop resistance standard
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Safety information guide
  • Quick reference guide


Fluke 1630-2 FC Earth Ground Clamp – Catalog    Download


Accessory Kits
Fluke ES-162P3 3-Pole Stake Kit ES-162P3

Cases and Holsters
Fluke CXT280 CXT280

Rugged Pelican Hard Case for the Fluke 280 Series.


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