Fluke 190-204 ScopeMeter Test Tool

The Fluke ScopeMeter® 190-204 combine the highest safety ratings and rugged portability with the high performance of a bench oscilloscope.


Fluke 190-204 ScopeMeter Test Tool

As the initial four-channel compact degree wellbeing appraised CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV 600 V, the Fluke ScopeMeter 190-204 consolidates a phenomenal level of realization, roughness, and compactness bearing in mind 200 MHz data transmission and continuous investigation rates occurring to 2.5 GS/s and 200 ps goals to catch outfit and strange unsettling influences.

This model element profound memory happening to 10,000 examples for all channel; therefore you can see at tiny parts of the waveform in detail, and it is IP-51 evaluated to withstand dust, trickles, mugginess, and broad temperature varieties.

Fluke ScopeMeter test instruments are hand-held battery worked, expected to meet the requests of sports ground lead experts.

The Fluke ScopeMeter 190-204 attachment the most elevated wellbeing appraisals and aggressive transportability subsequent to the innovative of a seat oscilloscope. Intended for forest preserve architects and specialists, these extreme ScopeMeter exam instruments go into brutal, grimy, and dangerous talk to looking conditions to exam every one of one of from little scale hardware to manage gadgets applications.

The Fluke 190-204 ScopeMeter is the one test device you will go after to handle beautiful much any investigating sham. They incorporate a multimeter, TrendPlot and ScopeRecord roll paperless recorder modes and hands forgive hardship as soon as Connect-and-View activating, and considerably more.


  • Two electrically isolated inputs
  • 200 MHz bandwidth model
  • Advanced automatic measurements, power (Vpwm, VA, W, PF) and time (mAs, V/s, w/s)
  • CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V safety rated
  • Deep memory: 10,000 samples per channel waveform capture so you can zoom in on the details
  • 2.5 GS/s
  • Dedicated 5000 Count digital multimeter
  • Connect-and-View continuous auto-trigger, single shot, pulse width, and video triggering
  • ScopeRecord roll mode, capture waveform sample data for up to 48 hours
  • TrendPlot, trend measurement readings for up to 22 days
  • IP-51 rated for dust and drip proof to withstand harsh environments
  • Isolated USB ports for memory devices and PC connectivity
  • Li-Ion battery for the extended operating timespan
    • Up to 7 hours (BP291 included standard)
    • Charge spare battery using optional external battery charger EBC290
  • Easy-access battery door to make it easy to swap batteries
  • A handy slot to tether and lock down the oscilloscope while unattended using a standard Kensington® lock
  • Circuit voltage/current overloading
  • Signal timing measurements and synchronization issues
  • Attenuation/input impedance mismatch
  • Signal fluctuation/drift
  • Test for harmonics, transients and loads at the three-phase power input
  • Troubleshoot dc to ac converters for faulty IGBT gates or filter circuits
  • Stores events like motion profiles, UPS, power supply, and motor start-ups
  • Test PWM output for reflections and transients or voltage unbalance
  • With the Stop-on-Trigger mode, the ScopeMeter® 190-204 automatically recognizes a power failure and stores the waveform data preceding it
  • With the waveform zoom (up to 100x) you can look at the smallest details, like individual power cycles
  • Plotting minimum and maximum peak values and average over time up to 22 days
  • Plotting any combination of voltages, amps, temperature, frequency and phase for all four inputs, all with time and date stamp to pinpoint faults


Fluke 190-204 ScopeMeter® Test Tool

Bandwidth 200 MHz
Number of channels 200 MHz: 4 channels
Real-time sample rate 2.5 GS/s
Inputs 4 scope plus DMM input
Independently floating isolated inputs Up to 1000 V CAT III/600 V CAT IV between inputs, references and ground
Timebase range 2 ns – 2 min/div
Input sensitivity 2 mV-100 V/div
Trigger types Connect-and-View™, Free Run, Single Shot, Edge, Delay, Dual Slope, Video, Video Line, Selectable pulse width, N-Cycle
Trigger source Any scope input channel
Glitch capture 8 ns
Scope measurements Cursor: 7
Automatic: 30
Maximum record length ScopeRecord mode: 30,000 pts
Scope mode: 10,000 pts per input
Persistence Digital persistence giving analog oscilloscope-like waveform decay
Waveform compare Waveform reference with automatic Pass/Fail testing
Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C Including Batteries
0°C to 50°C Excluding Batteries
Storage temperature -20°C to +60°C
Operating altitude Up to 2,000 m (6666 ft) for CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V
Up to 3,000 m (10,000 ft) for CAT III 600 V, CAT II 1000 V
Safety Specifications
Electrical safety 1,000V CAT III/600V CAT IV (EN61010-1)
Mechanical and General Specifications
Size 270 x 190 x 70 mm
Weight 2.2 kg
Warranty 3-years on main instrument, 1-year on accessories
Li-Ion battery BP291 4800 mAh battery up to 7 hours included standard
Included Accessories
VPS410 Voltage Probe Sets (one red, one blue, one grey, one green)
BC190 Battery Charger/mains Adapter
BP291 4800 mAh high capacity Li-ion Battery
Handstrap (affixed to the instrument)
Hang strap
Multi-Language User Manuals on CD-Rom
FlukeView ScopeMeter® demo package (restricted functionality)
USB Interface Cable


Models: Fluke 190-204 ScopeMeter Test Tool


  • Color ScopeMeter® 200 MHz
  • 4 channels
  • DMM/Ext.input


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Fluke 190-204 ScopeMeter® Test Tool


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