Fluke 941 Light Meter Illuminance Tester Lux Meter

Fluke 941 Light Meter high accuracy & repeatability, easy operation, and multi functions.


Fluke 941 Light Meter outstanding performance with high quality. Fluke 941 light meter measurable fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium or incandescent light sources.

Such as the visible light emitted.

It offers a reliable and high-quality measurement technology for a really good price.

This wonderful light meter now available in Bangladesh. We Fluke Bangladesh the leading distributor of Fluke.

We have a wide range of Fluke stock. We know our customer value. Not only we provide the best light meter for you but also we are always providing the best service to our customer.


Fluke 941 Precision Light Meter: ± 3% (2854 ° K when in accordance with the ordinary incandescent lamp calibration);  ± 6% of other visible light sources.

Range: 20,200,2000,20000,200000 Lux (lux)  20,200,2000,20000 FC (foot candles)

Fluke 941 Meter cosine angle of deviation from the characteristics according to:  30 °, ± 2%  60 °, ± 6%  80 °, ± 25%


  • Storage temperature: -10 ¡æ to 50 ¡æ; Relative Humidity: 0-70%
  • 9V battery, about 200 hours of battery life
  • Host Size: 130 × 63 × 38 mm
  • Weight: 220 grams (with battery)
  • Fluke Fluke 941 Light Meter Accessibility
  • Minimum Maximum
  • Automatic and manual range selection
  • Data Retention
  • Automatic shutdown


  • 1 x Fluke 941 Light Meter
  • 1 x Carrying Bag


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